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If you’re going to be passive aggressive, might as well go all the way. 

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Day 23

Bored. Bored with all this. And I really just want a glass of wine! Happy to continue just one more week, though, to prove to myself that I’m capable of it. But I’m over it. I get it. Life is better with lots of fats and few carbs. Now let’s move on.

This has been too beneficial for me to ever go back to eating the way I used to eat - all those carbs. I will test to see if I am sensitive to grains but, even if I’m not, I still won’t eat them regularly. Maybe once or twice a week. Sometimes a girls just wants gluten-free pasta or peanut butter oatmeal!

I’ll very likely control my sugar intake a lot more, but I will be going back to my near-nightly glass of wine because I haven’t noticed any benefits from living without it. Of course that might change when I reintroduce it. We’ll see!

B: the usual (not pictured)

L: spaghetti squash with marinara and roast beef, mixed berries

Snack: raisins and walnuts

D: (we were out and a Larabar was all I had - I was starving!) then scallops over bok choy with lemon butter sauce, a clementine, almond butter

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Day 22

Noticing that I have very little appetite at night. I only ate half of what I served myself tonight. This actually isn’t too surprising given what It Starts With Food said about hormones and hunger throughout the day.

I should probably count my calories for just a few days during all of this. For curiosity’s sake. But screw that. I’ve counted a few too many calories in my life. But curiosity’s sake…

Probably 3 or 4 non-consecutive now I’ve had really bad stomach/gut pain. The kind you get when you’ve eaten something you shouldn’t have. I haven’t found a cause, tho.

B: same old, same old

L: roast beef; steamed bok choy with lemon balsamic vinegar; cauliflower bites

Snack: walnuts and raisins

D: spaghetti squash and marinara sauce with roast beef mixed in it

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Simplest and delicious baked cod recipe:

Melt equal parts butter and lemon juice and dried parsley in a pan over medium heat.

(I use about 1T butter and lemon juice and about 1/2T parsley per 4oz cod)

Allow to simmer, stirring frequently, until it thickens (about 8 mins).

Pour over cod fillet and bake at 400 for 20 minutes.

After plating the fillet, pour juices over filet.

That’s it!

I like to serve it with greens that also go well with butter and lemon since the juices usually run into whatever sides are also on your plate.

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Day 20!!

It is nice to see somebody drinking a cocktail or wine on TV and not feel the need to pour my own drink. Still amazed at how easy it was to go without any alcohol. I didn’t drink a lot before this, but I’d have a glass or two of wine at night and never shied away from alcohol at social events. There have been moments when I really wanted one, and parties are much less entertaining, but I don’t crave them on a nightly basis.

B: the usual

L: (not pictured) the last of my buffalo chicken pasta leftovers

D: roast beef; bok choy with garlic, onions and cashews; mixed berries and a clementine

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Day 19

Today was the most stressful day of my #whole30 so far. Long story short, we’re in the process of buying a house and things are getting intense! I came so close to caving and having a drink to calm my nerves, but decided against it. I’ve come too far!! Besides, I need to be able to learn to deal with high stress without alcohol.

B: the usual

L: leftovers again.

D: wasn’t really hungry so cauliflower with nutritional yeast, mixed berries and almond butter

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Day 18 (Yesterday)

This is officially taking forever! Not feeling any more changes. Never have noticed a huge boost in energy but that’s probably because I wasn’t eating a lot of crap to begin with. My energy levels remain high and steady throughout the day. I was hoping to feel different/better without my nightly glass of wine or two, but I haven’t noticed that either.

I think the biggest benefit for me will be the boost of confidence I’ll have in my willpower. To go a month without all of these things at one time? It’s hard, but I’m doing it! I’ll never be able to blame failing willpower ever again because I am clearly capable of more than I realized.

After this, I will definitely go back to eating sweets and drinking wine occasionally, but I think I’ll go a lot longer between occasions, I’ll appreciate them more, but I’ll also know more firmly that I in no way need them and that I am capable of saying no, too.

B: the usual

L: leftovers with a side of prunes

Snack: maca root powder tea with real coconut milk and lots of nutmeg - yum!!!

D: seasoned sirloin tip roast and kale salad

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Day 17
I’m getting bored. But I shall persevere!
No changes. Just bored with food options. So ready to try baking some paleo-style treats, but that’s a big whole30 no-no. A big part of it seems to be breaking yourself of the habit of seeing food as a “treat”. I’m all for that.

B: egg scramble with onion, greens and purple sweet potato; clementines

L: leftover paleo buffalo chicken pasta; plums and a clementine

D: butternut squash soup; almond butter; clementine (didn’t feel like cooking)

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Day 16!!!
Give me some freaking candy!!! Please :(

B: the usual

Snack: maca root tea with real coconut milk

L: butternut squash soup, bone broth, walnuts with raisins

D: buffalo chicken pasta (from and a clementine